March 13 Letter

                                        March 13, 2020

Dear Brothers and Sisters in Christ,

As you know, we as a church are in uncharted territory regarding how to best respond faithfully and responsibly to the COVID-19 pandemic.  To be proactive in mitigating the spread of the virus, the Session has reluctantly and prayerfully decided to suspend all church group activities through the weekend. This includes Sunday School and Worship.


        —There will be a Prayer Guide for the Third Sunday In Lent and a Children’s Prayer Guide

        —The Sanctuary will be open from 8:00am until 2:00pm on Sunday for individuals to

              come and pray. There will be an elder serving as host to whoever comes. Please keep

               the safe practice of hand washing and sanitizing.

        —A CALL FOR PRAYER at 10:00am on Sunday is for all of Johns Island Presbyterian Church

        —Wherever you may be, to pause and pray for the world, the nation, the community,

                  and the church.

The church office will remain open on the regular schedule for now.

The Session will continue to monitor the situation and what is the best response for us as a church. It will meet on Monday night for its regularly scheduled stated meeting. The congregation will continue to be informed of decisions in going forward. Please let us know of your thoughts and pastoral concerns. We greatly appreciate your continued prayers and support of this congregation.

Grace and peace,

Dr. Laurey Harrell, Pastor                                        Charlie Larsen, Clerk of Session