March 17, 2020

Dear Church Family and Friends,

Grace and peace to you all.  Your Session met last night at its regularly scheduled meeting for March, but it was not business as usual. We each sat at our own table, six feet apart, filling the Fellowship Hall, and speaking loudly for those at the other end of the room to hear. Our hearts were and continue to be in prayer for each one of you, your families, the Church, this community and the world. Like God’s People in the wilderness not knowing exactly what is ahead, we trust in the God we know in Jesus Christ to guide us. 

In looking to Christ, as the Head of the Church, there are two scriptures that continue to guide us as your Session:

                    “…Love your neighbor as yourself,” 

                            (Matt 22:35-40; Mk12:28-31;Lk 10:25-28;Jn 13:31-35)

                        therefore let us protect one another as we are protecting ourselves.

                   “…just as you did for the least of these, so you have done to me.” Matt.25:40

Heeding the medical advice of the CDC and WHO for safety, and to slow the exponential growth rate of the COVID-19, we have made the following decisions for this church:

  1. All church activities/Bible studies are cancelled until further notice.
  2. This includes Sunday Worship.

   — Please continue to join in the Call to Pray at 10:00 Sunday mornings wherever you are.

   —The Prayer Guide & Children’s Prayer Guide will be sent every week.

   —The Session is pursuing a ZOOM abbreviated Worship Service in the next few weeks.

   —In the meantime, our congregation has been invited to join in the streaming of     

        worship at Mt. Pleasant Presbyterian Church on Sundays. 

    3.   The Church office will be immediately closed with the staff working from where they are.

  —Phone calls to the church office will be forwarded to Elaine Earl.

  —Please use Dr. Harrell’s cell phone or email if you have pastoral concerns or needs.

        Following the recommended restrictions, there will be no visits to homes,

       hospitals and nursing facilities to protect all with whom the pastor comes in contact.

           —The congregation will continue to be informed by the Pastor and the Clerk

                 Regarding any further major decisions that are made by the Session.

4. The monthly Beacon communication will be replaced by a weekly publication of church                

       announcements, joys and concerns (as people give permission), and a sharing of Faith 

       Practices in times like these.  It will be called “The Beacon Light.” Please submit 

      something! The deadline for submitting will be Wednesday 4:30pm to

 5. At this time, the AA and Al Anon Groups will continue to meet at the church providing that they meet strict safety requirements. They plan to meet at the picnic pavilion when possible. These are life-saving groups and are a part of the church outreach.

6. Also, in recognizing the needs of families with children, repairs will be made and more mulch added to the church playground so that it is up to code.

Please continue to support the church with your prayers. Any suggestions and concerns are greatly appreciated! Stay safe and may the peace of Christ that passes all understanding be with you!

In Christ,

Dr. Laurey Harrell, Pastor                                                 Charlie Larsen, Clerk of Session