From Our Pastor

March, 2017

I am the Way, the Truth and the Life.
JOHN 14: 6

Dear Friends in Christ,

It’s that time again – Lent, the most somber time in our Christian faith. Why are these forty days so important and begin with the marking of the cross on March 1st, Ash Wednesday in prayer?

Lent is the season we remember the Way to the cross. The gospel Truth is that when the time came near for him to be raised up, Jesus ‘set his face’ to go to Jerusalem. He turned his face to the reality of the world’s pain, suffering and death. He faced our brokenness, the sin, the evil, the dark-side of the soul in us all.

In Lent, we face this truth about ourselves and about the saving love of Christ who went all the Way to the cross for you and me. It is only this Way, that goes through Good Friday, that we know the brilliance of the joy on Easter morning. It is in the joy that we discover Life—Life abundantly in His name.

Take my hand, precious Lord is what we sing and what we pray as together we turn and “journey to the cross” in this season called Lent.

In Christ with you,

Dr. Laurey Murphy