From Our Pastor

October, 2019

Dear Friends in Christ,

Have you ever heard someone “wailing”? It’s the most anguished cry that you will ever hear. It’s the deepest sound of the soul. There’s a huge wall of stones in the ancient part of Jerusalem that is called the “Wailing Wall.” It is part of the ruins of the great Jewish Temple destroyed in 70 A.D. by the Romans. It is one of the holiest places on earth that not only Jews but also people of other faiths come from all over the world to pray. Day and night, the murmuring and wailing of prayers can be heard. Men, women, old, young and in between lay their hands upon the stones to touch the sacred wall while praying. Stuck in the cracks and crevices between the stones are millions of rolled up tiny pieces of prayers that people bring from back home of those who cannot come. It is a place you can hear the wailing of the people for the sake of the world. What would be your prayer?

On November 2, twenty-seven people from JIPC are going to the Holy Land and one of the places will be the Wailing Wall. You are invited to send a prayer with the group. Write it down on the tiniest of paper for us to take and place in the wall. In the back of the sanctuary and at the church office is paper, a pen and a box for your prayers. It is a very tangible way for your prayers to join millions over the centuries for the sake of the world.

Let us pray!


Rev. Dr. Laurey H. Harrell
Pastor, JIPC