From Our Pastor

February, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

Although these are “ordinary” days, they are better marked as part of this season of Epiphany in seeing the Light of God’s glory.

In Jesus Christ, we see Life in its purest light—Life coming from God; Life walking with God; Life going towards God. Everywhere Jesus goes, He

“en-lightens” all to remember that we, too, have our life from God; we, too, are called to walk with God; and one day, we, too, will be fully in God. In Jesus Christ, we are “children of the Light” and are called to go forth in the world to be that Light!

In this month’s Beacon, look for the many different ways that we are being the Light – from soup pots on February 5th to traveling afar to Costa Rica.

But also pray for our congregation in this time as we seek the Light of God’s will. Pray for those who serve on the Educator Call Committee, who are searching for who God is calling to be our next Church Educator. That committee includes Jody Garvey, Heather Green, Christine Grooms, Chris Quinn (chair), and Ed Williams. Also pray for the Vision Group, who is to plan a way for us all to discern God’s vision for JIPC in this place and time of history. This group includes John Feldman, Kevin Garvey, and Alice Hills.

May we be “Light” in the name of Jesus Christ will all to the glory of God! Joy!

Dr. Laurey Murphy