From Our Pastor

September 2018

A message from the Generosity Committee:

For over 300 years, Johns Island Presbyterian Church has been blessed by God through the faithful generosity of so many people!

During this past year the Holy Spirit has truly filled our sails with a number of exciting events ta ing place at JIPC.

  • The CHIP Ministry has continued to bless many who are unable to afford to ma e needed repairs to their homes. During this past summer 8 different mission groups from Virginia, Michigan, South Carolina, Illinois, New Jersey and North Carolina brought 220 youth and adult volunteers to participate in our CHIP ministry projects. In addition, 20 volunteers from our own congregation participated by helping to organize and by providing meals, food and snac s. There were 13 projects underta en on Wadmalaw and Johns Island that ranged from building a front porch with a handicap ramp to totally restoring a home that incurred severe water damage from the storms of the past three years.
  • Approximately 15 members of our choir attended the annual Worship and Music Conference at Montreat. More than 450 choir directors and choir members from various churches and locations attended this 5 day inspirational, educational and instructional event.
  • Our Prayer Quilt Ministry and our Prayer Chain Ministry continues to bless many of our church family and friends. During the past 12 years an average or 3 prayer quilts each month have been provided to those in need of prayerful healing. And, our Prayer Chain continues to reach out to many in need of prayer.
  • Vacation Bible School continues to grow. This year 40 children attended, ranging in age from nursery school age through middle school. There were children from Hebron Zion Presbyterian and Roc ville Presbyterian as well as from our own congregation. Four counselors from Bethelwoods Camp participated and wor ed with elementary age ids. In addition, 35 volunteers participated to help ma e this years’ VBS a very special wee for all who attended.
  • For a number of years, the annual Johns Island Feeding of the Multitudes event has been lovingly supported by JIPC. This past year more than 50 of our church family volunteered to coo food, serve meals, set up, deliver food to shut ins, handle par ing lot direction, entertain and clean up. Annually as many as 20 churches participate in this event and more than 900 meals are served to those in need.
  • Our church family has been blessed with the much needed addition of two new part time staff positions. Fran Coyle has joined JIPC as an administrative assistant to Elaine Earl in our church office and Johnny Star s has joined us as a part time handyman to help eep our facilities in excellent repair.
  • God has given each of us the responsibility of managing the resources we have been given–including time, money and the ability to serve. We have been blessed here in this church that the resources and volunteers have been provided by God to do far more than we could ask for or imagine. (Ephesians 3:20,21)On Sunday, September 16, you will be given a Generosity pac et of information. We as that you prayerfully consider making a commitment to give and serve so that this congregation can continue its vibrant ministries and witness to the love of God in Jesus Christ.

    Than you for your prayers and for listening to where the Spirit is leading you. We are blessed to have JIPC in our lives and may we continue to serve God with our commitment.


    Your Generosity Committee

    Tom Stallings, Beth Condit, Tom Burke, David Krumwiede and John Feldman






Dr. Laurey Murphy
Pastor, JIPC