From Our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

In these challenging times, it can help us to reorient our fears and anxiousness into hope by looking to the foundation of our faith. Going into the sixth month of being together but apart as a church, one promise that I have found to be so important is the promise that is just two words, “in Christ.”

Actually, it is a very big promise! At the last supper, Jesus invited His disciples “to abide in me as I abide in you.” It is the promise that the Holy Spirit unites us in Christ and nothing can separate us from the love of God in Christ. Being many but one in Christ, it is the promise that binds us together as a community of faith. It is the promise that joins us with the communion of the saints down through the ages. This is the promise for these times of great upheaval and being apart one from another that we are together, far and near, in Christ.

Here are glimpses of this promise among us: every Sunday with the zoom gallery especially in passing the peace; cards, calls, meals sent caring for one another; new members joining and a baby being baptized in Christ; one of our own dying in Christ with his life and death being a witness to the resurrection in Christ; six young people professing their faith in Christ; a freshman going off to college wanting to know about a church where he could worship; the enduring commitment of our leaders, session and staff to keep on keeping on with resilience in Christ; the many responses from those missions we are continuing to support, such as Backpack Buddies, Star Gospel, Hebron Zion Food Bank and Presbyterian Mission overseas.

We are deeply connected by the Spirit to one another in Christ who is our sure foundation

Thanks be to God and to each of you!

Love in Christ!


Laurey Harrell, Pastor