From Our Pastor

June, 2017

Dear Friends in Christ,

Happy Birthday!

Oh, you didn’t know it was your birthday? It’s not just yours but the Church’s! It’s not just for JIPC nor is it a Presbyterian thing! It’s the birthday of THE whole Church everywhere that we celebrate on Pentecost Sunday, June 4th.

Second only to Easter, the early Church considered Pentecost as the most important day on the Christian calendar. Without this event, God being incarnate in Jesus Christ would be just another story told through the ages. It is told in Chapter 2 of Acts.

At Pentecost, that story took hold and became personal as “God in Christ” became incarnate in ordinary disciples like you and me. Wind blew, flames fired up and ordinary men and women became filled with the power of the Holy Spirit. Thus, this was the life-giving breath that gave birth to the Church. Those who dare to believe continue to be filled with this gift of “God-dwelling-within-us” to give faith, courage, peace, love and life in abundance! The greatest witness to the Holy Spirit is that the Church, almost 2,000 years later, is still very much alive in spite of us all!

So join in our Pentecost Celebration on Sunday, June 4th. Communion will be served at the 10:00 Worship Service. Wear something RED as it is the church color for the Holy Spirit. And join in a great birthday party afterwards!

In the Love of Christ,


Dr. Laurey Murphy