Costa Rica Mission 2013
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Costa Rica Mission Trip, 2017

In February, the Rockville Presbyterian Church and Johns Island Presbyterian Church embarked on a journey with God and those called by Him, and traveled to Quesada Costa Rica, and stayed at a Mission Center run by Marion and Mary Woods. Though both are American, Marion has been a missionary in Costa Rica for more than 60 years. These faithful missionaries have been involved in planting scores of churches, training pastors, and supporting families for many years.  Because they know this part of the country and its people so well, Marion and Mary had a good understanding of how we could best serve God and His people in Costa Rica.

The food at the camp was delicious and consisted of mainly meat, rice, beans, and fresh fruit and vegetables. Of course, it was Costa Rica, so the coffee was incredible! The accommodations were not exatly five star, but they were more than adequate, and some found them quite memorable. We slept in bunk beds and woke up in a beautiful setting filled with orchids, many varieties of tropical flowers and all kinds of wildlife. We even have warm showers, most of the time!

These trips always entail special projects such as teaching Bible lessons to children, repairing churches and schools, building walkways or steps, and building homes. All who love Jesus are invited to come and make a difference in His name in mission. Plan early because throughout the rest of this year and into the new year, there will be a series of team meetings and fundraisers. Group airline tickets will be purchased in November.

Is the Lord drawing you to a place of serving and sharing?  If so, you should consider the opportunity to travel to Quesada, Costa Rica and give from the heart in service and in sharing the salvation we know in Jesus Christ.

We left Charleston on February 17th and returned February 25th, 2017. If you would like more information about next year’s trip, please e-mail info@jipc.org or call the church office, 843-559-9380.