Application for Employment (PDF to print and complete by hand)

Application for Employment (Word version- download & complete on computer)

Johns Island Presbyterian Church has the following opening:

Nursery Attendant Job Description

Primary Function:

The Nursery Attendant is responsible for the oversight of the nursery ministry so that infants and toddlers (newborn-age 3) and families using the nursery will experience the love of God in a safe, nurturing environment.

Job Description

  • Responsible for age-appropriate care which includes: bottle feeding, changing diapers, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding, sitting with, and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, and play.
  • Polite, friendly and courteous to all children, parents, and volunteers.
  • Arrive 15 minutes prior to nursery opening each Sunday from 8:15 a.m.-12:15 p.m. Summer hours are 8:45 a.m.-11:15 a.m. (May-September).
  • Stay until all children are secured with a responsible adult.
  • Keep nursery environment clean and free of unused toys and clutter.
  • Work holidays that fall on Sunday, i.e. Christmas, etc. and may be asked about availability to work additional hours during extra services.
  • Report to the CE Elder and/or Director of Christian Education.
  • Communicate in advance to the CE elder of any absences. 1) Planned absences must be given two weeks ahead of time. 2) In the case of last-minute illness, contact the CE elder or Director of CE by phone at least 1 hour prior to shift so a replacement or volunteer may be found.


  • Experienced in the care of children 0-3 years of age with the ability to adapt and interact with a variety of personalities/characteristics.
  • Must be 18 years of age or older.
  • Satisfactory completion of background check and drug screening.
  • Provide two references from unrelated sources.


  • Responsible for providing age-appropriate care which includes: feeding, changing diapers, escorting to the bathroom, maintaining a safe environment, putting children down for naps, holding, or sitting with and cheerfully interacting with children through games, stories, play and prayer. Universal precautions should always be used while changing diapers.
  • Keep track of supplies, snacks, toys, and equipment in theCommunicate any needs to the CE Elder.
  • Soiled bed linens are to be taken off of the pack and play, and placed in a plastic bag for the CE committee to launder and return. New sheets will be replaced by the nursery staff.
  • Curriculum should be maintained and used for lessons with children during nursery.
  • Any injuries should be documented and reported to the parent and Director of CE.
  • Update and maintain sign-in sheet. Parents should include the child’s name, parent’s name and cell phone number.
  • Ask parents/guardians for any special instructions regarding the needs of his/her child.
  • In the event of an emergency notify the parent by cell phone.
  • Report to the CE elder any issues which are hindering the carry out of the duties or responsibilities.

Employment/Termination Policy

  • Performance reviews will be conducted after the first three months of employment, and annually by the Pastor and the JIPC Personnel Committee.
  • Immediate termination will occur in cases of intentional verbal, physical or emotional abuse or neglect of any child, parent or church member.
  • Tardiness and excessive unscheduled absences may result in termination of employment.
  • Nursery workers may be terminated if they fail to follow nursery responsibilities listed above.
  • Vacation time will accrue after six months; employee will receive one Sunday off with pay.