From Our Pastor

Dear Friends in Christ,

In combining two lives at our age, Wade and I have a lot of stuff! In fact, I still have my storage unit when I moved here from Houston almost five years ago! At first, I went by every week checking on it. Eventually it got less and less until after six months, I realized that I did not need one thing from storage.

Did you know that there is over 2.3 billion square feet of rentable self- storage in the United States! There is so much stuff that our homes cannot hold it all! But we know that our treasure is not found in stuff, nor is this an indictment about stuff. So what and where is our treasure?

As a pastor, I have had the privilege to be with people in their final days of life. Rarely in such times have people talked about the things they have acquired on earth – the kind that “moth and rust can destroy, that which thieves can break in and steal.” At the end, people focus on what they treasure most like family, close friends, those who have made a difference in their life, moments of joy and great sorrow, and times of feeling close to God. I have never heard anyone talk about what success they have had or how much they have. It’s been about promises and commitments made and shared.

In the Sermon on the Mount (Matthew 5-7), Jesus cares about the heart of God’s people. He talks about treasure including money because He knows how much our life is affected. He knows that what we treasure can stress our relationships and even cause divisions among those we love. Those who have lost their jobs or have had financial difficulty will tell you how it is not just a financial issue, but an emotional and spiritual issues, too. Did you know that Jesus talked more about money and treasure than about heaven and hell combined? Jesus talks about them because He cares deeply about our heart.

We usually think that where our heart is, there our treasure follows. But Jesus says that it is just the opposite: “where your treasure is, there your heart shall also be.” It is not simply a matter of semantics. Jesus knows that where we spend our time and money, our gifts and talents—that is where our heart truly is. When we put our treasure into anything, there our heart follows!

Jesus says we are given the opportunity to collect treasure for heaven. When we are investing our lives in that of God’s will here and now, we find our heart no longer feels distant or apart from the kingdom of God. In such a time as this, may we all ponder where our heart is by seeing what we treasure in this gift of a life we have all been given!

I hold each of you in my prayers and in my heart.


Laurey Harrell, Pastor